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QuickTech's Software Maintenance Option!
For reased peace of mind and additional cost effectiveness. The software Maintenance Option guarantees your business a full maintenance check on each of your PC's every month at a fixed cost. This will ensure that every computer is running the latest release of your preferred Windows Operating System, with optimal performance and up to date virus definitions.
During the pre-arranged monthly visit by one of our engineers, we will perform a full diagnostics check of your current IT environment. This helps us familiarize ourselves with your IT infrastructure and assist in diagnosing and resolving any problems you may be experiencing. We document our findings during the visit and maintain a "living" document that will change as your system does.
The Software Maintenance Option would be combined with either Premium or Pay As You Go Support to provide you with a comprehensive solution to your system support needs. Blend your choice of support with the benefits opposite:
  1. Check for Virus Updates.
  2. Check General System Operation.
  3. Check for Windows Updates.
  4. Determine Network Speed and Connectivity.
  5. Load Latest Service Packs.
  6. Perform Diagnostic Checks.
  7. Clear Temporary Internet Files.
  8. Provide Written Reports.
  9. Check Firewall Security.
QuickTech ’s Corporate Support.
Full IT Department Emulation
Corporate Support offers businesses the chance to benefit from It support at a level that is usually only available to large corporations.
With this package you will be investing in complete hardware and software tried and tested solutions.
You will able to call us whenever you have a problem with your system. If we cannot solve it immediately on the phone, we will enter your system remotely to locate the problem. Should we not be able to resolve the issue remotely, an engineer will visit the site to complete the necessary work. Benefit from reliable up to date technology
  • Ability to manage IT within a fixed budget
  • User support
  • Telephone support
  • Monitored system analysis and maintenance
  • Full IT Department emulation
  • Corporate Antivirus solution
  • Data back-up solutions
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  • Our team has extensive experience in the computer and is continually training in the latest technologies ensuring the expertise necessary to handle all hardware, software and NetWare requirements. Our technicians are available for phone, on-site, and in-house support. QuickTech can provide everything from a simple desktop upgrade or

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